...If you were building a house, where would you buy your windows?

Window Warehouse are an Australian owned company who specialise in the supply of quality timber and aluminium windows and doors.
Our Warehouse in Somerville stocks a huge range of windows in all styles and sizes. We can supply windows to standard specifications or custom manufacture to suit your requirements.
Strategic relationships with accredited manufacturers ensure our windows meet the highest standards and comply with Australian Standards (AS-1288-2006) (2047-1999).

Our competitive pricing policy means we can supply windows and sliding doors that fit your budget and expectations.
A large range of not only standard sizes but also odd sizes and discontinued ones mean that more often than not we’ll have what you’re looking for. Whether you’re a builder, renovator or handyman we’ll help you with service, advice, price and delivery.

Delivery state wide, 6 days a week ensure the windows you want are where you want them, when you want them.

Because we stock an extensive range of windows and doors you can order today and we can deliver tomorrow.

Where else but Window Warehouse...

And did you know...

Timber is favoured in many residential applications as it is considered warm, classical and flexible as a building material. From a thermal point of view, timber-framed windows perform extremely well. In fact, due to the excellent thermal properties of timber, timber windows rate a full star better than aluminium in reducing winter heat loss.

And even more...
We are open MONDAY - THURSDAY 8am - 5pm, FRIDAY 8am - 4pm & SATURDAY 8am – 12pm

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